Hartley Garage Has Joined The Good Garage Scheme

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been accepted into The Good Garage Scheme. The scheme was created because of a lack of self-regulation in MOT and independent repair and servicing workshops, vehicle owners are able to find trusted local garages and view their feedback from customers before booking.

To become a member of The Good Garage Scheme we have to adhere to strict a code of conduct and pledge to always have our customers’ best interests at heart. We must discuss and agree with customers about any work that is required prior to the commencement of the works, and make available all replaced parts for inspection by the customer. Each customer that is supplied with a feedback form which allows them to send their views directly to the scheme administrator which has in place a comprehensive complaints procedure.

If you are an existing customer of Hartley Garage we would really appreciate you leaving some feedback on our The Good Garage Scheme page


The Good Garage Scheme Code of Conduct

    • To provide full business details to the Good Garage Scheme administrators including ownership, premises, staffing and trade activities.


    • To demonstrate a commitment to deal with customers fairly, courteously and in keeping with good business practice.


    • To notify customers before work is undertaken if the business does not accept particular forms of payment.


    • To deal with complaints from customers within 2 weeks of receiving a complaint.


    • To make parts replaced during service or repair available for inspection by the customer.


    • To comply with the Industry Standard Service checklist on all services and include products that remove contamination.


    • To provide a completed service checklist following the service.


    • To offer the customer a feedback leaflet.


    • To provide the customer with a Good Garage Scheme service record.


    • To display in a prominent position the Good Garage Scheme Code of Conduct.

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We Are Now Open Saturdays!

Following the successful opening of Hartley MOT and Service Centre @ Hartley Garage, we are now pleased to be able to open on on Saturdays for MOT’s and servicing.

open in Hartley Longfield for MOT's

Now you can get your class 4 vehicles tested in Hartley, we are at the rear of of the old petrol station on the Ash Road between Longfield and New Ash Green, we are open from 8 am till 5.30 pm Monday till Friday and 9 am till 1 pm on Saturday.

Whilst it is always best to book your vehicle test in advance on 01474 706501 we will also accept walk-ins on a first come first served basis.

If your current MOT has already expired, you are legally allowed to drive to a pre-booked appointment without the worry of driving illegally.

If you would rather not drive your car to us then we can collect it for you by prior arrangement, carry out the test and return it to you at no extra cost, normally in  a 3 hour window.

For more information about our MOT  Services please take a look at http://www.hartleygarage.co.uk/vehicle-mot-testing/



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The MOT Test is Changing – how could they affect you?


The DVSA are updating the way MOT tests are recorded – the roadworthiness directive will change how test centres categorise defects, from the 20th May instead of the current ‘fail’ and ‘advise’ defects will be categorised as ‘dangerous’, ‘major’ or ‘minor’.

mot changes 2018Dangerous and Major Defects

These defects will be a fail or refusal to issue an MOT certificate, cars failed as ‘dangerous’ should not be driven away from the test centre.

Defects Considered as ‘minor’

Replacing ‘advisories’ with ‘minor’ defects, these defects will be noted against the ‘pass’ certificate and should be dealt with accordingly.

Additional changes that will have an effect on the MOT

  • Fitting HID bulbs to halogen head lights has always been a motoring offence, so the annual test is being brought into line and any cars that are presented with HID bulbs will be failed as having a ‘major’ defect
  • Any car registered after 1st Sept 2009 will be tested on the reversing lights and likewise, any cars registered after March 2018 that are fitted with DRL’s also known as daytime running lights and fog lights will be included in the test
  • Engine management lights that do not come on with the ignition, or if they do light up and then fail to go out when the engine has started will be classed as a ‘major’ defect
  • Cars presented with brake pad warning lights illuminated will be failed
  • Excessive travel on the handbrake will be classed as a major defect
  • Engine and gearboxes with excessive leaks will be failed
  • Any emissions device that has been tampered with, modified or removed will have a major defect classification
  •  Cars or vans that are registered from Jan 2014 will have reduced emission limits

It is worth remembering that Hartley Garage has an excellent reputation for carrying out MOT’s to a high standard, whenever possible we will carry out minor fixes such as topping up washer fluid, replacing some bulbs and make adjustments to certain models of cars headlights free of charge to ensure that your vehicle passes. Should your car fail it’s MOT then we will offer you a retest within 7 days regardless of whether or not we carry out the repairs.


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Free MOT Reminder Service

It is the responsibility of the driver of a vehicle to ensure that it is kept in a roadworthy condition, the MOT test is carried out annually. 

Did you know that nearly 4.7 million people forgot to book their mot check before the old certificate expired leaving themselves open to a £1000 fine?

Use our free reminder service below and we will contact you once your next MOT is due

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Car MOT Information Page

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When Is My MOT Due?


A frequently asked inquiry from motorists is when is my MOT due? Sounds like a simple inquiry but like the majority of simple questions things there is something more to it than meets the eye. Currently in the UK cars are tested every year to guarantee they pass strict testing rules. If a vehicle fails the MOT check then it will be unlawful for the driver to drive the car on the road.

If a vehicle has been bought directly from a dealership, and is brand new then the MOT is not due for the first three years of the vehicle registration. After this period the van will need to be pre-booked into a Approved MOT Test Centre for the purpose of conducting the relevant tests.

Unfortunately for new van motorist the original seller has no requirement to contact the owner to remind them about renewing their vehicle’s MOT Certificate. Instead a van owner will receive notification of their vehicle’s Road Excise Duty that they cannot renew without a valid MOT certificate. This is generally a good prompt to remind an owner about the MOT due date.


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Importance of Routine Maintenance

Routine vehicle maintenance can be a difficult task to keep up with. However, there can be serious implications of not staying up to date on your car’s maintenance schedule.
Results of the Car Care Council’s yearly check lane events show 80% of cars have at least one component in need of maintenance.

The Basics

There are some basic items in or on your car that should be regularly checked or replaced.
• Air filter
• Antifreeze
• Battery
• Belts
• Brakes
• Engine oil
• Exhaust
• Hoses
• Lights
• Oil filter
• Power steering fluid
• Shock absorbers
• Tires
• Transmission fluid
• Washer fluid
• Wiper blades

The best way to ensure each maintenance item of your car is in order is to consult your owner’s manual or take your vehicle taken into an auto service facility get it inspected by a certified mechanic. Getting a thorough inspection is the best route to ensure you do not miss anything.
Another way to keep you car well-maintained is to wash it frequently. Regular washing and waxing helps maintain your car’s value as well as appearance. Vehicles with oxidized paint or a rusty body cannot be economically restored.

Consequences of Procrastinating

Failing to take care of your vehicle by having it regularly maintained can have negative effects.

High expenses – A reason many people use for not keeping their car maintained is cost. Unfortunately, regular maintenance left uncompleted can lead to much higher expenses down the road.
Accidents – Sometimes your car is trying to tell you something. Things such as squeaky brakes left untreated can lead to much worse problems such as brake failure that can lead to serious accidents.
Severe damage – As you can expect, leaving little problems unrepaired can lead to increased damage to your vehicle. A little problem is much easier to remedy than trying to undo severe damage.
Ways to save
There are a few ways you can help yourself and save a few dollars while still keeping your car’s maintenance up to date.
Coupons – Many auto service facilities provide coupons or discounts.
Proactive inspection – Using your owner’s manual as a guide, always follow the recommended maintenance schedule of your car. Check fluid levels and inspect components inside and outside of your car regularly.
Trust – Find a reputable, honest auto service facility you can trust.
Those who treat their vehicles well and commit to routine maintenance end up saving money in addition to enjoying their car for much longer.

Article Source: www.automasters.wordpress.com